Hello, are you still looking for someone or have already found one?

We are a hetero straight couple, looking for someone who is interested in non-sexual/platonic co-parenting with my boyfriend.
My (Danish)boyfriend really wants to have a biological child but I can’t raise a child due to my health issues. My boyfriend wants to be a father and coparent(only non-sexual) with someone.
The method should be artificial insemination(maybe IUI).
Due to my health condition the child should stay at your place most of the time, except in winter months when I fly home, the child can stay with my boyfriend.
We live in Aarhus and he would like to visit the child about once a week.
But if you prefer to have the child for yourself, it’s ok too, but he would like to be a known sperm donor who can visit the child at least once a month. He wants to be part of the child’s life.
Please let us know if you are interested.